Our Philosophy

We call ourselves Healing Farm because the term “healing” expresses everything I hope for about farming.

Good farming heals the land
Healing Farm practices sustainable agriculture by encouraging a huge variety of meadow plants so that our open fields support bees, birds and small animals. We have fenced off our streams and installed watering troughs so that the cattle don’t damage the banks of the streams. We rotate our fields so that the land can restore itself after it has been grazed.

Good farming preserves habitat for wild animals
We have set aside many acres in diverse habitat, working with groups as diverse as the Audubon Society and National Wild Turkey Federation. Our farm looks a little shaggy because we maintain hedgerows and encourage the huge variety of wild flowers that fill our meadows.

Good farmers tend their livestock
We raise our animals from birth on pasture, allowing calves to stay with their mothers until they are ready to wean themselves. As much for our safety as anything else, we train the cows to follow us from pasture to pasture. From an early age, we work with the animals so they can be handled quietly.

Good farming strengthens community
Our local community–Our investment in a certified humane slaughterhouse will give us expanded marketing opportunities and help our local economy remain strong. As we can add value to our products by selling them direct, we will thrive.
The community at large–When farmers and consumers reconnect everyone benefits. You know what you are buying and understand the value your derive. We know you and gain a voice for our type of farming in an increasingly loud, divided world.

Please feel free to have a look at our additional resources to learn more about how we developed these opinions.