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We sell beef. Beef that is free from growth hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, fillers, or colorings. Our cattle have never been fed animal byproducts. During the spring, summer and fall, our cattle graze on grass in our pastures. When the winters become too cold, they begin a diet of hay and a small amount of grain twice a week.

It’s pure beef, a nutritious and tasty component of a healthy diet.

This is a bewildering world for people who care about their health, want to be good stewards of the environment and want to know that the animals they eat have been treated well. We strongly feel that our beef fits that bill and hope you will try it.

Thinking about price. My dream is to sell our beef at a price you can afford. It will never be inexpensive in comparison to the prices a large grocery store can offer. We hope you will consider the values beyond the price.

Cole Ward is known as “The Gourmet Butcher,” and is a spokesman for small meat producers. He was quoted recently in one of our favorite publications, Acres USA, as saying:

“Americans have been spoiled by cheap food, due mainly to government farm subsidies…Most meat consumers are not educated about the way our commercial food chain has been poisoning us for years. Naturally, when they do learn and try to buy local organic, antibiotic-free or hormone-free meat, they get major sticker shock. Consumers don’t realize that these prices reflect the true cost of raising the meat and allowing the farmer to make a reasonable profit.”

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